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God of Energy
God of Storms
God of philosophy
Gender Male
Family Billie (Mother) , Tyrion (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color White
Height 5'11
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Weapons {?}
Powers & Abilities Storm manipulation, Energy manipulation, Thought influence
Species God
Home WikiOlympus
Affiliation Wikiana
“Do not mistake my kindness for weakness, I am kind to everyone, but wrong me and weak is not what you will remember about me.”
― Aerys

Aerys is the god of Energy, Storms, and Philosophy. To him, there's something unique about mortals. Not sexually, but in their behavior. With short lives they're forced to make the best of it, and in those short amounts of time he's seem humanity perform wonders. From the Pyramids to the Empire State Building Aerys, has always loved observing them and watching time progress, however he's a nostalgic being who tends to miss older customs, civilizations, and people.

Being the son of the goddess of night, Aerys feels more comfortable around dawn/night time, and especially enjoys rainy days. Tyrion also had a role in shaping Aerys' personality. Like his father Aerys has been known to have intense love for his family -specifically his children. He's also inherited Tyrion's caring personality, though he doesn't always show this side of himself.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Typical godly abilities
    • As the god of energy Aerys isn't bound by space meaning he can teleport, is capable of creating/manipulating various forms of energy, and as the god of storms, Aerys is able to fly with thick clouds swirling around him and can create/control storms ranging from light rain to blizzards and tornadoes.
  • True Sight
    • As the god of philosophy, Aerys is capable of using True Sight to learn the depths of a persons morals and in essence can see their true self. It is extremely uncommon for Aerys to use this ability.

Appearance Edit

Typically Aerys will take the form of a young man with white hair wearing an old green hoodie, although he has also been known the wear shrouds, trench coats, and various forms of clothing. While Aerys tends to stick to one general look, he often masquerades as a mortal, where he will take a variety of forms.

Personality Edit

Aerys, like his mother, is a very calm person. He rarely get's angered by small acts so normally it takes large events to anger him, during which he will often become fully enraged. He also has a genuine care and curiosity when it comes to mortals and has a true appreciation for the beauty of both the natural and man-made world.

Trivia Edit

  • Often masquerades as a mortal, going so far as to lead a human life (Or attempt to.)
  • Aerys is the first third-generation god.
  • Is the first child of Billie and Tyrion .

Appearances Edit

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