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Aria Westbrook


Goddess of Death and Destruction
The Masked One
The Anti-Ship, the Devil of Ships
Gender Female
Family Wikiolympians
Status Alive
Eye Color Green (mortal and godly)
Jet-black, including whites (Anti-Ship)
Hair Color Black
Height 5’5” (mortal)
Varying (god)
Age Immortal
Personality See Personality
Weapons Smack-a-stick, de-shipping bug
Powers & Abilities See Abilities
Species God
Home Wikiana
Affiliation Wikiolympians
“You’re pure enough to be a virgin sacrifice… I mean, nothing.”
―Aria, speaking to Caitlin

Aria is the goddess of death and destruction, and the Anti-Ship (also known as the Devil of Ships). She is also known as The Masked One.


Despite her titles and abilities, Aria isn’t all that bad. She’s actually pretty cool(ish?) and doesn’t misuse her godly powers. She’s pretty ‘meh’ about most things, and she, as she likes to call herself, is ‘dead inside’.

However, Aria has a good sense of humour and is often sarcastic. And very, very sassy. Aria can be serious if she wants, which is rare. Even in serious business, she’d still be humorous.

The one thing Aria hates the most are ships, especially those involving her. She likes to curse people who ship, but not excessively and rather as an annoying prank. For example, if you ship Emilake, the Anti-Ship will arise in Aria and make your head invisible for the rest of the day.

Overall, she’s pretty okay.


Typical Godly AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortal
  • Other godly abilities

Specific Godly AbilitiesEdit

  • Can kill living souls at own will but limited
  • Can demolish structures at own will but limited
  • Ability to use the smack-a-stick


  • Ability to use the de-shipping bug on shippers
  • Can wreck ships but rarely
  • Can destroy minor things to do with ships