Charlie Bradbury

Charlie normal

Charlie wikiana

"It Feels Good To Be Queen"
Alter Ego of Emilia
Woman of Letters
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Deceased (stabbed in the stomach by Ultron)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Ginger Red
Height 5'5
Age 29
Personality Charlie is outgoing and isn't afraid to stand up to her enemies. She's also extremely smart since she is a hacker. Charlie is rather mysterious since she's known to go by many names.
Weapons Sword, Brain
Powers & Abilities Hacker, Nerd, Hunter
Species Human
Home Earth, Wikiana
Affiliation Winchesters, Castiel, Emilia, Nerds

Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury is Emilia's alter ego on Earth and Wikiana.


Hacker - Charlie is an extremely adept hacker, having hacked into people's files in an insane amount of time.

Hunter Since Charlie is a hunter, she has knowledge of the supernatural and training in weaponry. She prefers to use either a dagger or a short sword as her weapon.

Smarts - Because Charlie is a adept hacker, she is also extremely intelligent with her intellect on par with some of the Wikian Demigods.


- Charlie Bradbury is based off of the character of the same name from Supernatural

- Charlie is one of my favorite characters from Supernatural because she reminds me a bit of myself (due to her being a nerd and extremely smart).

Charlie and wanda