Goddess of Death
Goddess of Life
Goddess of Destiny
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Dark purple
Hair Color Black
Height Unknown
Age Almost as old as the Primal Trio
Personality TBA
Weapons Her powers
Powers & Abilities Can kill anything outright, can bring anything back to life, sees the destinies of everything
Species Goddess
Home Delide
Affiliation Destroyers of the Gods



Delide was born out of stars, just like the Primal Trio. However, she was not like them. She was stronger, and had full control of her powers right from the start. Delide was jealous of the Primal Trio though, and saw them as threats that had to be removed. After a long battle, the Goddess lost against her enemies. Delide was banished to the death kingdom, also named Delide, so that she wouldn't be able to destroy for the Wikianan Gods ever again. Her only way to leave the death kingdom was by splitting herself into small parts, each being much weaker than her complete self. Those parts travel around the world, to kill those who are meant to be killed and help those whose time to die isn't there yet. Being able to see the destinies of everyone, the Goddess knows exactly what to do. Nobody ever comes to visit Delide, since she in her full form could kill any God or Goddess who dares to enter her kingdom. She still holds a grudge against the Primal Trio and their descendents though, a grudge she'll never forget...

Destroyers of the GodsEdit

This would "spoil" too much tbh...