Origin Edit

Farikath is the result of a hideous curse on an ancient priest whom allowed one of <insert god here> 's most cherished shrines to become covered in filth to a point where not even animals would go near, as a result <insert god here> approached him one day, asked him why the temple was in such a condition. The priest, in a relaxed tone, replied : "Because there are no gods". Due to the disrespect done to <insert gender> , <insert god here> cursed the false priest to take on a form as hideous to a mortal as the temple was to a god.

Appearance Edit

Farikath is the monstrous combination of a multitude of creatures, with the giant and long body of a centipede, a hundred human arms for legs, and the twisted and deformed upper body of a man. Its face is widely stretched as the result of having a set of large spider like fangs stretching the boundaries of a human mouth, which is fully capable of producing webs.

Personality Edit

Farikath has a specific hatred of demigods, as its a direct line to hurt the gods, and considers it a great achievement when he kills them. As a result, in a strange badge of honor manner , he will peel the face of the demigod off of their body, and use his webbing to glue it to his long centipede body.