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God of Unluckiness xD
God of Awkwardness
God of Observation
Gender Male
Family Audrey (Sister)

Aria (Mother) Nathaniel (Father)

Status Alive (Dead in ghost form)
Eye Color Dark brown (One of them is red when transform)
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'11"
Age 16
Personality Depressed and pessimistic, Anti-social, Sometimes sarcastic, but is a responsible brother, sometimes psychoatic ans sadistic.
Weapons Scythe, Axe (Or anything which is cool)
Powers & Abilities Can lay a curse of unluckiness on enemies. Can controls other person minds and corrupts them. Can turn shadow into blades.
Species Ghost-God hybrid xD
Home Wikiolympus
Affiliation Will be announce
"If I found out you touch anyone from my land even a single contact, especially Audrey, I will hunt you down, no matter where you are..."

-Jack to his enemies

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