Patron of the Fandoms


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The Forms of Tyler and His Symbol
God of Fanfiction
God of Teleporting
God of Choices
God of Earth
Gender Male
Family Children of Nathaniel and Aria

Wife: Marina

Children: Payson and Jayson, Ian, Iris

Status Immortal
Eye Color All
Hair Color Any
Height Any, usually 6'4
Age Immortal
Personality Tyler isn't afraid of standing up for himself or others. He is smart, and aware, and also very persistent. He is often a perfectionist. He can be hilarious, but like the fanboys and fangirls, he can be a little cray cray sometimes. Both in good ways, and bad ways.
Weapons Army of Fangirls
Powers & Abilities Teleportation, Control over Fandoms, Strong Persuasion, Standard godly powers
Species God
Home Wikia
Affiliation Wikians
Born from the thoughts of crazed book fans, the god of Fanfiction, Teleporting, and Choices was willed into existance. He created the psychoticness known as fangirls and their brother species fanboys. He also developed fanfiction to give fanboys and fangirls some release. He has a fantastic relationship with bookworms, nerds, and the internetians. Using his powers of teleporting, he travels the internet and the world, watching over all of the fandoms. You can expect Tyler to be near when making choices. He can often make you more confused when choosing, but will ocasionally guide you down the right path. He is pretty evil tho and hates helping people with choices. Lastly, Tyler controls the 4th element, Earth. He can manipulate earth and cause earthquakes, landslides, and basically controls the physical earth itself.